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Feeling stressed occasionally is a normal part of life, but if stress becomes excessive, it can harm both mental and physical health. The Stress Profile helps individuals see how well they are coping with stress in their life and how to improve coping skills.

The stress profile includes 6 sub-scales that show coping status:

  • Energy level
  • Satisfying and interesting life
  • Cheerful versus depressed mood
  • Relaxed versus tense or anxious
  • Emotional control and stability
  • Freedom from health concern or worry

The objective of the assessment is to help people recognize if they have a stress problem and to take positive action to limit stress, improve coping skills, and if needed, to get professional help in dealing with personal problems.


  • Your stress score compared to population norms.
  • Recommendations for improving your coping skills.

The Stress Profile norms are based on a sample of 6,900 men and women by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Software Program Includes:

  • A questionnaire on mental health and how you are coping with life that can be completed in just a few minutes.
  • Enter data into computer in 1-2 minutes per questionnaire.
  • A personal report in color or B&W is immediately printed.
  • A group analysis report shows the number and percent of people with risks or meeting healthy guidelines.
  • Educational handout showing how to improve coping skills for better health.
  • 50+ PowerPoint slides are available for use in a group education program or for personal health counseling.

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Software Requirements
Software application runs on a PC laptop or desktop computer. Requires MS Windows operating system versions 7, 8, or 10.