My Fitness Profile

iStock_000014641976_SmallExercise is a powerful ingredient for good health and helps prevent many serious health problems. The Fitness Profile helps individuals see how fit they are and what they need to do to improve their overall fitness and health.

Fitness factors include:

  • Minutes of moderate and vigorous exercise weekly
  • Current strength training times per week
  • Peak aerobic capacity, 1-mile walk , 1.5 mile run, or known VO2
  • Resting pulse
  • Flexibility test
  • Balance test
  • Grip strength test
  • Push-ups and curl-ups test
  • Body composition (BMI, percent fat, WC)
  • Sit-and-rise test (measures strength, flexibility, and balance)
  • Sedentary measure (hours of sitting daily)


  • Your overall fitness score.
  • Specific recommendations for improving your exercise program.
  • Weight and activity guidelines for better health.
  • Physical activity guidelines in an educational guide.

Software Program Includes:

  • A questionnaire on lifestyle practices and fitness tests that can be completed in just a few minutes.
  • Enter data into computer in 1-2 minutes per questionnaire.
  • A personal report in color or B&W is immediately printed.
  • A group analysis report shows the number and percent of people with risks or meeting healthy guidelines.
  • Educational handout showing how to improve your fitness program for better health.
  • 50+ PowerPoint slides are available for use in a group education program or for personal health counseling.

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Software Requirements
Software application runs on a PC laptop or desktop computer. Requires MS Windows operating system versions 7, 8, or 10.