Weight Management for Life

Weight Management for Life is a lifestyle change program to help people develop knowledge and skills for controlling their weight. The principles taught are helpful for losing weight, maintaining weight, and preventing weight gain. As the name implies, the emphasis is on developing a healthy lifestyle that will help people manage weight throughout their lifetime rather than quick weight loss that is usually followed by weight re-gain.

Weight Management for Life is a 10 week program which includes weekly power point presentations, instructor's planning materials, guidelines for group classes and interaction, and participant weight loss book for study and tracking your progress. The Instructor's guide contains everything you need to hold a weight management class for your organization or community.

The Weight Management for Life Weekly Topics Include:

  • Your Healthy Weight
  • Developing a Physically Active Lifestyle
  • Your Nutrition in Detail
  • Eating for Good Health
  • Daily Living Choices
  • Managing Stress
  • Staying Motivated
  • Weight Loss Medications and Surgeries
  • Children and Obesity
  • Focusing on Your Future

The Instructor's CD Contains:

  • 10 presentations with speaker notes
  • Planning and teaching tips for each class
  • Promotions materials, flyers, posters, and advertising ideas
  • Additional study materials and handouts
  • Everything needed for teaching the class

A personal Work Book covers weekly topics plus resources for health living, weight loss, guidelines for healthy eating, physical activity, and motivation for being successful. Also included are tracking forms, weekly wellness challenges, and other nutrition and weight loss tips.

Additional resources are available for health testing, motivation, health awareness, and participant use:

  • Blood pressure testing equipment for health screening and initial health assessment
  • Body composition testing equipment for BMI and percent body fat
  • Instructions and testing for doing the 1 mile walk for aerobic capacity testing
  • Pedometers for tracking steps - a great motivator for encouraging physical activity - recommended for all participants
  • Health Assessment software programs for your Windows PC platform, including Be*Healthy LifeStyle Assessment, My Nutrition Profile, My Heart Health Profile, My Stress Profile, My Body Comp Profile, and My Fitness Profile

A Typical Class Session (60-90 minutes) Includes:

  • 10-15 minutes. Weigh in, group reporting, and discussion.
  • 40-50 minutes. Presentation of the day's topic including key weight loss principles, and fitness and nutrition instruction, and a summary quiz.
  • 5-10 minutes. Giving the week's assignment, answering questions, explaining how to record their progress, etc.
  • 10-15 minutes. Weekly wellness challenge and demonstrations on how to use a pedometer, take your blood pressure and percent body fat, and low calorie cooking and recipes.

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Software Requirements
The PowerPoint presentations can be used on PCs and Mac systems using MS PowerPoint.