Fitness for Life

Fitness for Life (FFL) is a lifestyle change program designed to help people develop a personal fitness and health improvement program. Physical activity is a vital part of any good health program. Exercise helps burn excess calories, lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure, strengthens the bones, muscles and heart, and builds energy levels. Exercise is also good for combating depression, improving mood, relieving mental stress, and helping prevent dementia. Think of exercise as powerful medicine that can improve and strengthen both body and mind.

Fitness for Life is a 10 week fitness program which includes weekly power point presentations, instructor's planning materials, guidelines for group exercise, participant fitness and health guides, and everything needed to hold a fitness class for your organization or community program.

The Fitness for Life Weekly Topics Include:

  • Becoming More Active
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Building Strength
  • Staying Flexible
  • Keeping Fit and Lean
  • Exercise is Preventive Medicine
  • Keeping Exercise Safe and Effective
  • Exercise for Bone Health
  • Exercising for Mental Health
  • Exercising for Longevity

The FFL Instructor's CD Contains:

  • 10 presentations with speaker notes
  • Planning and teaching tips for each class
  • Promotions materials, flyers, posters, and advertising ideas
  • Additional study materials and handouts
  • Everything needed for teaching the class

The program is designed to be used with the personal fitness book, “Step Into Fitness & Health,” written by Dr. Don Hall. Weekly topics are covered plus resources are included for improving health with guidelines for healthy eating, heart health, preventing diabetes, weight control and other prevention topics. Also included are self-scoring health risk assessments, tracking forms, and pictured examples of exercises to do when starting a personal exercise program.

Additional resources are available for health testing, motivation, health awareness, and participant use:

  • Blood pressure testing equipment for health screening and initial health assessment
  • Body composition testing equipment for BMI and percent body fat
  • Instructions and testing for doing the 1 mile walk for aerobic capacity testing
  • Pedometers for tracking steps - a great motivator for encouraging physical activity - recommended for all participants
  • Health Assessment software programs for your Windows PC platform, including Be*Healthy LifeStyle Assessment, My Nutrition Profile, My Heart Health Profile, My Stress Profile, My Body Comp Profile, and My Fitness Profile

A Typical Class Session (60-90 minutes) Includes:

  • 20-30 minutes. Group exercise session such as walking a mile, and/or strengthening and stretching exercises.
  • 30-40 minutes. Presentation of the day's topic. Each topic has four parts: benefits of exercise, fitness instruction, overcoming barriers, and a wellness challenge.
  • 5 minutes. Giving the week's assignment, answering questions, explaining how to record their progress, etc. (All on power point slides)
  • 5-10 minutes. Demonstrations on such topics as how to use your pedometer, taking your blood pressure, measuring percent body fat, etc.

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Software Requirements
The PowerPoint presentations can be used on PCs and Mac systems using MS PowerPoint.