Education Programs

8WeeksThe following health programs are designed for use in a class setting by a health professional, wellness coach, or trained health facilitator. The program leads a group step-by-step towards a healthier lifestyle. The program is presented as a wellness challenge to see how much improvement participants can make during the 8-10 weeks of the class. Pre and post health data is tracked to document improvement.

  • Eight Weeks to Wellness: A 101 class on healthy living including healthy eating, physical activity, improving coping skills, managing weight, getting preventive medical care, and other key elements for enjoying lifelong health. Class includes 8 weekly presentations, weekly assignments, and weekly logging of behavior. A Participant’s Guide provides guidelines for change and helps record progress and challenges each week. Learn more...
  • WeightManagementForLifeWeight Management for Life: A 10-week series guiding participants to develop a successful weight management strategy that will lead them to new health habits. Presentations cover the basics of weight management, healthy eating to lose weight, physical activity for weight management, and content on motivation and coping skills. Learn more...
  • Fitness for Life: A 10-week series focusing on the many benefits of being active, how to develop a personal fitness program and exercise guidelines for improving cardiovascular fitness, build strength, and improve flexibility and balance. Each presentation includes motivation, guidelines on exercise, and a weekly wellness challenge including diet and other key elements that support fitness and health. Learn more...

Education Programs Include:FitnessForLife

  • Instructor’s Guide with speaker’s notes.
  • Participant’s guide/book for study and recording weekly activity and progress.
  • PowerPoint presentations for each class. DVDs are also available for Eight Weeks to Wellness that can be shown in place of the PP presentations.
  • Participants have weekly reading assignments with activities to help them focus on developing better health habits.
  • Weekly wellness challenge.
  • Additional resources: recipes, handouts, and educational materials.

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Software Requirements
The PowerPoint presentations can be used on PCs and Mac systems using MS PowerPoint.