Monthly Archives: December 2016

Fruits and Vegetables Help Prevent Weight Gain

  We hear a lot about how important fruits and vegetables are to our health, lowering the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Now a new study shows that eating more fruits and vegetables also lowers the risk of weight gain as we get older. The study looked particularly at plant…
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Does Dairy Fat Raise the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

That was the question of a large study conducted by Harvard University. They looked at the eating habits of over 200,000 people for up to 30 years. In particular, they measured the intake of fat from dairy foods and then looked to see who got heart disease or suffered a stroke. When they divided dairy…
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Exercise May Cut the Risk of 13 Cancers

  Exercise May Cut the Risk of 13 Cancers   It helps to know that if you get your exercise daily, you will be healthier and have fewer problems. A new large study looked at the health benefits of regular exercise in 1.44 million people. Researchers found that those who exercised at least 150+ minutes…
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