Monthly Archives: November 2015

Building Strong Muscles and Preventing Muscle Loss with Aging

Most adults reach peak muscle mass in their 30’s 1. After that, they slowly begin losing muscle mass with aging, much like the bones reach peak bone mineral density in the 30s and then begin declining, especially after age 50. As muscle mass declines, so does strength and the ability to meet daily living requirements…
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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Add Years to Your Life

A new study shows that people with higher blood levels of the long chain omega-3 fatty acids have lower mortality rates and live up to 2.22 years longer than those with low blood levels. The new study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, tested blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids in 2,692 adults age…
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Foods that Promote Healthy Aging

Foods high in flavonoids have been identified as beneficial for maintaining health and wellbeing and promoting healthy aging. Eating higher intakes of flavonoids is associated with greater likelihood of health, and individuals are more likely to survive to older ages. The study conducted by Harvard University looked at the diets of 13,818 women in their late…
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